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#ThatScrubTho Apricot Face Scrub

Love Meli

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#ThatScrubTho Apricot Face Scrub
#ThatScrubTho Apricot Face Scrub
#ThatScrubTho Apricot Face Scrub

Got rough skin or blackheads on the face that needs a little exfoliation every once in a while? This Apricot scented sugar based exfoliant reveals new baby soft skin, making skin look fresher.  Eco friendly jojoba beads gently polish the skin working all the gunk out of pores.  Coconut oil leaves the skin moisturized after treatment.  And the best part about exfoliating the face? It allows serums and creams to actually penetrate the layers of the skin and also allows makeup application to go on smoother.  It is perfect for the at home spa like pampering to feel good in your skin.     

Ingredients:  Lots of Love, Sugar, Organic Coconut Oil, Jojoba Beads, Plant Based Apricot and Honey Oil

How to Use: Gently massage on wet cleansed skin in circular motions until the sugar has dissolved.  Rinse and pat dry.  Use 1-2/week on face, or as needed, to reveal smoother skin.  Avoid eye area. 

Satisfaction Guarantee:  If you're not happy with your purchase, neither am I.  Please contact MRock if you have any concerns so that they can be addressed.

Customer Reviews

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Susan Meeks
Baby smooth for real

I was so excited to try this scrub. It is heavenly on the face, leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft. I can’t help but like my lips a little.l

Pamela Gomez
Best Product Ever

The husband and I both use this product and our skin has never looked better.

Hi Pamela! Thanks for the review. Glad to know you and your husband are both enjoying how your skin is looking after using the scrub!

Jackie B.Armstrong
#THATSCRUBTHO...Apricot sugar face &body scrub🙋🏽‍♀️😃

Omg ! I'm so happy that Mali introduce me to the....ThatScrubTho Apricot Sugar & Body Scrub. It's so refreshing and it makes my skin feel like a new teenager. 😃 It's also fabulous because it's handcraft with lots of love.💗 Woo Hoo !!🤣🙋🏽‍♀️Jackie

Hi Jackie! We're stoked that #thatscrubtho Apricot makes your skin feel so soft. It definitely is handcrafted with lots of love. Enjoy :-)

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