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'All I Need' - Rose Infused Face and Body Oil

Love Meli

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'All I Need' -  Rose Infused Face and Body Oil
'All I Need' -  Rose Infused Face and Body Oil
'All I Need' -  Rose Infused Face and Body Oil
'All I Need' -  Rose Infused Face and Body Oil
'All I Need' -  Rose Infused Face and Body Oil
'All I Need' -  Rose Infused Face and Body Oil

Quench your body's thirst with THIS.  Apply to face and body while skin is still damp (preferably after showering) and see how the skin will absorb it and leave your skin looking moisturized and glowing! It is light in texture and for all skin types.  This can be used as a first layer of product as you tailor your moisturizing level to your skin's needs.  Hint: You can apply Holy Grail Everyday Serum after this.  Scent is fresh and calming.  

Available in:

4oz - Perfect if you want to use this on face and full body daily

30mL - Great if you like using it just on one part of the body

1/2 oz - Perfect for sampling, traveling, and gifting!

What's In It?

Lots of Love, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Argan Oil.  Essential oils of Wild Rose, Lavender, Frankincense, and Tumeric. 

-Sunflower Oil:  Has anti-inflammatory properties that help make skin look softer. High in omega-6 (linoleic) fatty acid and vitamin E. Omega-6 improves the texture of skin.

-Jojoba Oil:  Has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that can help relieve dryness and itchiness.  It is similar to sebum which can help make skin look radiant. 

 -Organic Argan oil: Vitamin E & fatty acid makes skin look softer.

-Wild Rose Essential Oil: Helps make skin look softer. Inhaling rose is calming in aromatherapy.

-Lavender essential oil: Can help reduce the look of acne, helps improve texture of dry skin, and .  Inhaling lavender is calming in aromatherapy.

-Frankincense Essential Oil:  Helps skin look toned. A powerful antioxidant that helps make skin look younger.  

-Tumeric Essential Oil:  A natural anti-inflammatory that can help dry cracked skin look softer.  Skin looks more radiant.  

-Dried Roses:  Infused with dried roses to restore natural skin radiance, helps skin look refreshed.

For you to know: Keep product sealed in container in a dark place when not in use.  Do not allow water to enter the container. We do not test products on animals.  For external use only.  Do not use on irritated skin.  If pregnant, please consult a doctor before use.  If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician.  Love Meli is always trying to make the best product.  Check back to the ingredients page, as they are frequently updated.  

Satisfaction Guarantee:  If you're not happy with your purchase, neither am I.  Please contact MRock if you have any concerns so that they can be addressed.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Silvia Navas De La Fuente
Can't live without this oil

This oil is fantastic, not heavy or light just perfect. I love Frankincense and in combination with the rest of the scents, it always gives me that spa relaxation feeling at the end of a long day. The large bottle will last you a long time and it remains fresh.

R.E. Trejo

Every night before sleep a few drops on my face. Not only treats my skin to soft, but the scent of roses helps me to relax. It’s an integral part of my “time to rest” routine.
Best investment EVER!
Have shared with my Women’s group!

Jessica Dickson
The best face oil

This oil had transformed my skin! I used to have dry skin and get break outs from my skin overproducing oil to compensate for the dryness. Now, I after I wash my face, I use All I Need- Rose infused body and face oil and my skin is hydrated and happy. I haven’t had a break out since I started using it 6 months ago!! Thrilled with this product

That's amazing Jessica! Thank you for sharing how 'All I Need' has transformed your skin. We are super thrilled along with you to know that your skin is more balanced, hydrated, and blemish free!

Susan Meeks
Lovely body oil

I just got this body oil and I love it. I’ve been putting it on my entire body after a shower and it feels so smooth and velvety.

Thank you so much for the kind words, Susan! Glad to hear you are applying after the shower, as that is the best time to allow absorption. Cheers to smooth & velvety skin :-)

Stephanie Constanza

The Rose Oil is the BEST! I love the way my skin feels after applying it, it's so nice and soft. The way it smells is also a plus!

Stephanie, thank you! 'All I Need' does have a great application and scent to make it so easy and pleasant to use. Thanks for the review!

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