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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using LoveMeli

Melissa Morales

Your skin is the largest organ on your body.  60% of what you put on your skin may get absorbed into your bloodstream and possibly circulate through your entire body. It can be quite alarming if you stop to think about the harm that toxins can have on how your body works.  That's why LoveMeli was created, because ingredients matter.    

 So why make the switch?

  • Toxic vs Natural Ingredients in Skincare:  Simply put, grab a skincare product purchased at a drug store or at a high end department store and read the ingredients.  How many of them do you know? How many of those do you trust to not cause any problems to your body?  Now don't be fooled by those labels say 'Natural' on the front as advertising. Read the back and search for those natural skincare ingredients.  The United States has banned only 11 cosmetic ingredients while the U.K has banned over 1,300.  That leaves so much room for companies to use ingredients that are cost effective for them to keep products on store shelves for months on end but harmful to the consumer.  For the big box companies trying to go natural, you do need check the labels.  If it says 'Natural', 'Non-Toxic', '100% Natural' on the packaging - check the label.  Many times the natural ingredient will be so far down the list that it's impact on the skin is minimal.  Now check out a LoveMeli label.  Recognize all the ingredients? Yup - most you can even eat and most importantly trust to put on your body.  And products are small batched, meaning you get fresh product at every purchase. 
  • Fillers:  This may be brand specific - but LoveMeli does NOT use water in products.  Sometimes it feels like water based products don't work, because the main ingredient is water.  It's great to drink water to hydrate from the inside out, but how is it supposed to help dry or combination skin types?  Lock in moisture with our oil based formulations.  You pay for small batched premium plant based ingredients formulated to keep skin soft and smooth, never fillers.  Because our formulations are concentrated, a little goes a long way.  
    • Safe for ALL skin types:  Oils have gotten a bad rap.  Oil selection has to be very specific for them to work the right way.  The oils used in LoveMeli formulations are low on the comedogenic scale, meaning they very unlikely to clog pores.  People of all skin types use LoveMeli.  So rest assured oily skin friends, you can join the dry skin types in having soft and smooth skin with LoveMeli.  

    • Irritants:  Natural ingredients are known to be nourishing, soothing, healing, and moisturizing. There was no Sephora when Cleopatra was around, right? Ancient peoples used Mother Earth to supply them with everything they needed to maintain supple glowing skin.  Skincare doesn't need to be complicated, nor do products need to have a long list of ingredients to be effective.  With a more minimal ingredient list, the greater the opportunity for noticeable change in the skin.  LoveMeli products are proudly formulated with plant based ingredients and goals to produce glowy and healthy skin.    
    Do you use natural skincare? Have you tried LoveMeli yet?  Let us know below why you love it!

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