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#ThatScrubTho Deluxe Mini Set from LoveMeli: An All Natural Sugar Scrub Set for the Whole Body

Melissa Morales

LoveMeli has just released an all new Deluxe Mini Collection of the #ThatScrubTho.  Getting soft, smooth, and glowy skin from head to toe with #ThatScrubTho Deluxe Mini Set is easy! Each 4 ounce #thatscrubtho has a special formulation for polishing rough areas of the face, bringing out the skin's natural glow, and exfoliating larger and rougher body parts.  

These are perfect for a first time customer and also allows current customers to gift their favorite all natural skincare products to loved ones.  It's a WIN-WIN!

Each all natural formulation has it's own scent, making it a tough choice deciding which to buy.  Lavender, Apricot or Lemon?? The choice can be hard when they all sound so good, tackle different body areas, and well, when you just want all of the scents.  Well, now the choice is easy.  Buy the set and get all 3!   

So what's in the #ThatScrubTho Deluxe Mini Set?


#ThatScrubTho Apricot: The Face Polisher

All natural #THATSCRUBTHO Apricot Sugar Scrub Customer Review

Got rough skin or blackheads on the face that needs a little exfoliation every once in a while? This Apricot scented sugar based exfoliant reveals new baby soft skin, making skin look fresher.  Eco friendly jojoba beads gently polish the skin working all the gunk out of pores.  Coconut oil leaves the skin moisturized after treatment.  And the best part about exfoliating the face? It allows serums and creams to actually penetrate the layers of the skin and also allows makeup application to go on smoother.  It is perfect for the at home spa like pampering to feel good in your skin.   

#ThatScrubTho Lavender: For the Body and Preshave

#ThatScrubTho Lavender Sugar Scrub Customer Review

Hints of Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree transform a regular shower to that spa session you just can't make it to.  The double texture sugar formulation in this all natural exfoliant can slough away dead skin that form rough patches on the elbows, hands, knees and can also soften skin on the legs, arms, and booty. 

And if that's not enough, LoveMeli also recommends using this as a pre-shave preparation. It prepares the skin and hair for the razor to have a smooth pass and can reduce ingrown hairs.   All you have to do is use the sugar scrub immediately before shaving and feel how much smoother of a shave you'll get.

#ThatScrubTho Lemon & Tumeric: For the Glow on the Face and Body

#ThatScrubTho Lemon & Tumeric Sugar Scrub Customer Review

A softer formula with a rich citrus scent will leave your mouth watering and your skin soft, smooth, and glowing.  Keeping in line with all the other botanical skincare products in the LoveMeli arsenal, the superstar ingredient here is tumeric.  Tumeric has been used for centuries to help skin look younger and fresher.  Wherever its used, face or body, the skin texture will look visibly softer and more revitalized, thanks to the tumeric for evening out skin tone and leaving a natural looking glow.  Great for pale winter skin and summer bronzed skin - it's a year round staple item.

Once you get your hands on these, you'll understand the name.  You'll leave your newly converted bathroom sanctuary smelling and feeling your skin and saying THAT SCRUB THO.     

As a Thank You for reading the blog, enjoy 20% off this set!  At checkout, use code:  DeluxeMini 

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